MLA Scavenger Hunt
Open this document and record all your answers her. Format and review it before you print it out.
Use these databases to locate your answers:
Username: bay shorehs Password: bshs
**eLibrary Science**
** Today's Science**
**Science Online**

Virtual Reference Collection: A Collection of Scholarly Databases
1. Google: "virtual reference collection" - the VRC is one of the top few links:
2. Go to "High School Collection"
3. Select database. The ones below are good starting places.
4. Username: bay shorehs Password: bshs
5. Enter search term. Sometimes you may have to look up a different term or look at suggested subject headings.

**EBSCO General Science Collection**
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**eLibrary Science**
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**Science Online**
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**Science Reference Center**
**ProQuest K-12**
**General OneFile**

Laws and Litigation:
US Endangered Species Act:
States of the Union: Ranking America's Biodiversity A NatureServe Report, April 2002
CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments.

Government Sites:
New York Endangered Species!!:
US Fish and Wildlife:
UN Threatened Species:

NatureServe Explorer:

Red List of Endangered Species:

Fish database:
Science database:

Recovery Plans:

National Geographic:
Defenders of Wildlife:
World Wildlife Fund:
World Conservation Society:
International Union for Conservation of Nature:
Earth's Endangered:
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