Be mindful of what information you need to gather:
"Your brochure must include the following:
· Cover with graphic and name of disorder
· General description of the disorder
· Possible Causes/Inheritance patterns of the disorder (Is the disorder a chromosomal disorder or a gene disorder? If it is a gene disorder is it autosomal or sex-linked? Is it dominant or recessive?
· Symptoms related to disorder
· Incidence rates (How often is the disorder found in general population? Does this disorder appear more in males or females? Is it common among certain ethnicities?
· Current treatments for disorder

· Listing of websites or groups created to assist individuals with disorder or friends/family of individual with disorder
· Listing of resources used for project – must use at least 3 different sources
· Extra Credit – Provide an illustration of karyotype for a chromosomal disorder OR a chromosome diagram showing the location of the mutation for a gene disorder"

VRC (Virtual Reference Collection)
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Most count as print resources.

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