MST Alternative Energy Sources Project


You must stick to the sites listed below unless you obtain teacher approval.Beware of inaccurate or biased information.

  1. Define the energy source: What is it? Where does the "energy" come from?
  2. Explain how this source of energy works.
  3. What are advantages of this energy source (renewable? cost? access? waste? technology readily available?).
  4. Learn the disadvantages (renewable? cost? access? waste? technology readily available?).
  5. Present your opinions about this energy source: Do you promote this source? Why? Why not? Only for certain regions?
  6. Insert your findings into the PowerPoint template below.
  7. You must also have at least one print source (book,magazine, newspaper). Hand in the copy of the page/pages you used with the information that appears in your PowerPoint highlighted.

Biomass Energy Biomass2.jpg
Websites to use:

Geothermal Energy Geothermal_energy_methods.png
Websites to use:

Wind Energy wind-energy1.jpg
Websites to use:

Ocean Tidal Energy wave.gif
Websites to use:

Ocean Thermal Energy
Websites to use:

Solar Energy solar_thermal_collector.jpg
Websites to use:

Hydropower hydro2.gif
Websites to use:

Nuclear Energy nuclear_power_plant.gif
Websites to use: